snee to the rescue!


    Got a call from Harriett yesterday about her computer – apparently it was running ‘weird’ and could I take a look at it?

    So I picked it up, updated a few bits and delivered it back last night. Decided to go for a quick pint before going home, so I left the car on Harriett’s drive while I wandered to the Tudor (it’s literally a stone’s throw from her house).

    Just got my pint when my phone rang – Harriett.

    “Where are you?” says she,

    “In the bar having a beer.” was my reply.

    “Oh…I’ve locked myself in Phoebe’s bedroom – can you come and let me out please?”

    *Giggle, giggle, giggle* “Yes, of course I can – be there in a couple of minutes…” said I trying not to laugh TOO much.

    And so the brave adventurer once again wandered up East Street and without a thought for his own safety (OK, I’m allowed a little artistic license) opened the bedroom door.

    Oh, and took a picture šŸ™‚ :

    And the damsel was grateful – which was nice, I couldn’t stop laughing šŸ™‚

    Shame the picture is a little blurry – but you have to understand I had one instant to take it.

    Off to Milan on Saturday morning – Harriett’s offered to drive us there but I’m not certain – she’s not too good at getting up early and this means a 4am start to get to Heathrow (it’ll be my first time inside Terminal 5 – seen it loads of times from the M25, but never been inside yet).

    EDIT: Damn coffee machine is giving out half measures – could be a long day…

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