Blonde moment

    Corina, (yes, the same Corina who has the used envelope fetish) just came out with another classic:

    “My laptop doesn’t have an email program on it – how do I get one?”

    What I SHOULD have said is:

    “Sacrifice a small chicken and pray to the Spam God and Thunderbird will appear on your desktop…”

    What I actually said:

    “Um…download one?”

    You just can’t make this stuff up…

    EDIT: She just came out with “How do I…” saw the grin on my face and the way my finger was poised over the ‘Edit this’ button for this post, and stopped.


    ‘NOTHER EDIT: Oh, it’s a great day for Corina-isms. She just came out with this pearl:

    “How do I make my laptop unsleep?”

    “Um…do you mean wake?”

    I’m still hungry – I really want chips and curry sauce but will have to settle for a trek to Tesco…

    Been surfing about, and found this on

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