Close? it doesn't get any closer…

    Spurs are off to Wembley to defend the Carling Cup against Manchester Utd. – a lethargic display last night saw us almost lose out despite a 4-1 lead from the first leg. Burnley have always been my ‘second’ team – I generally look to see how they get on, and the way they’ve played in this tournament shows they have a squad that believes in themselves – I mean, they knocked out Chelsea and Arsenal in previous rounds.


    Full match report here.

    In other news, Harriett’s daughter Nat has the Sims game. She made a character that actually looks a lot like me and has been keeping me updated on how I get on in the game.

    I forget what job I have – something to do with politics I think (ha! I’d NEVER work in politics…), but I had a lovely girlfriend (Nikkie).

    I say had because I apparently proposed to her and we got engaged. Nat being the fast worker got me married the same night, and Nikkie became pregnant too (what can I say?).

    Anyway, last night, just after the football, Nikkie gave birth to a beautiful daughter – we’ve called her Charlotte 🙂

    All this excitement AND it’s Thursday – have to work out what I’m doing for the weekend…

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