Happy days…

    Great week (so far) at work – lots of orders coming in, work going out – all is good 🙂

    V Festival tickets go on sale March 6 – I’m definitely going this year, so gotta grab them when I can rather than relying on the roulette that is Ebay nearer the time (August 22-23 😉 ).

    So anyway, I’m trying to save some money for my Morocco break. It seems so easy – I stay in, do housework and don’t spend money. What actually happens is: I stay in, stare at the housework waiting to be done, eat more, stare some more, then go to bed.

    Tonight I WILL do housework…unless something else comes up in the meantime.

    I also have a minor crisis – do I get my hair cut now and then probably again before I go away, or do I just leave it until then? ditto on shaving – although I think I’ll just grow another beard before going (I’m just lazy I guess…)

    I actually gave my first thought to what I’m taking to Morocco last night – sunglasses of course, shorts, t shirts, couple of pairs of jeans, jumper and jacket (it gets cold at night in the desert apparently…)

    Anyway, 3.5 weeks until then 😀 time to get my head out of holiday mode and back into work mode.


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