Not again

    I hate Mondays. I’ve said this enough, so most people who know me, know this.

    Lately though, I’ve been getting the mid-week blues – last Wednesday and now today – I just feel so useless. I really do just want to go somewhere and be alone for a while – talking to people is a struggle, trying to smile isn’t really worth it, so I’m wearing my “leave me the fuck alone” face today.

    I’m still deciding whether to goto V festival this year – I WANT to go, but would rather go with someone and share the weekend than go on my own. Gotta make my mind up about this seeing as it’s a week on Saturday.

    Of course, what I should do is save some money up, pay off what I owe Kathy, then go on a blinding holiday somewhere hot when the weather’s starting to get cold here…

    Oh well, at least I’m (relatively) fit and healthy – what have I got to moan about?

    No humour in the above, so have another blatant rip from

    Anyway, one night I was drinking in a pub in a small town in the back end of nowhere. The majority of patrons were farmers and bushies and there were also a significant number of aborigines who had come in from their bush camps to get alcohol. In addition tourism was establishing itself as a local industry at the time and there were a few visitors from an American run tour group in attendance. There was one woman in this group of well-to-do tourists who was in her 50s, flashy smile, well structured, a bit sexy, some innate dignity. She was probably a lovely person in her natural habitat but she was over dressed for an outback pub and out of place. She had the designer khaki, the Timberland boots, the earrings and flashy pearl necklace, the expensive bush hat draped behind her; all together more posed than functional. But bless her – she was trying at least.

    She might have been trying a bit too hard though. She wandered over to a high mileage, wizened, gap-toothed aboriginal elder who happened to be wearing around her neck a string of crocodile teeth laced with a leather thong. The visitor wasn’t trying to cause offence I am sure but she managed it anyway by saying ‘Oh, how lovely. Your people must value crocodile teeth as much as my people value pearls’. The aboriginal woman considered her for a moment then slowly shook her head and turned away saying scornfully ‘Any cunt can open an oyster’.

    Heh 🙂

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