V Festival

    Woo! I’m going 🙂

    Paid for my ticket today (£185) so should get it Wednesday/Thursday.

    Should be a great weekend – lots of good music, mucho beer, maybe some recreational substances 🙂

    And the bonus for me this time around is: I’m not responsible for looking after Harriett (AKA Lightweight) – that’s Glynn’s job this year.

    So now all I have to do is get my tent out and make sure it’s still all there, throw some clothes in a bag, and that’s me ready to roll.

    Hopefully the weather’s gonna be good this year – it’s sunny and hot right now, but it could all change in a few minutes.

    But I don;t care – I’m off to V and rain or shine, I’m gonna have some serious fun 🙂

    EDIT: bollox, thought it was next weekend – it’s the 22nd/23rd. Arse. Still, at least I’m going 🙂 and more time to prepare…

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    0 thoughts on “V Festival

    1. Who is playing this year?

    2. Great! Glad to see you getting out there and having fun! I can’t (well actually I can) imagine what stories you will have when you return! Providing that you actually blog about them!! hint hint

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