(Not) A lazy Saturday…

    Have I been busy today or what?

    Housework, housework, housework, beer, watch some TV, housework – that’s me today 🙂

    The house actually looks (quite) tidy for once…still got to sweep and mop the kitchen floor AND clear up my room, but on the whole I’m happy with my efforts today.

    Got beer in the fridge ready for the Spurs v Man. Utd. game later – job’s a good ‘un!

    Can’t stop eating today though – this is usually a sign that my sister is pregnant, but I think I’m just being a glutton to be honest.

    Oh, and I broke 65000 hits yeasterday 🙂

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    0 thoughts on “(Not) A lazy Saturday…

    1. That’s a big number:-|
      14-12=18 😀

    2. 16-12=41

      It is isn’t it?

    3. 14-14=holy shit today’s the day!

    4. *Waits for the sky to fall in*

    5. I AM NOT PREGNANT !!!!!!!!

    6. She says – snee knows better

      *nods wisely*

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