Lucky, lazy Sunday

    Been a great day today 🙂 let me explain:

    Had a good 3 hour lie in this morning and felt refreshed enough to do some shopping…this accomplished, I decided to reward myself with a lunchtime pint before dinner, so off I went.

    Found a spare £1 coin in my pocket so put it in the fruit machine – £25 out 🙂 result!

    After changing the coins up for notes at the bar, I found another 2 £1 coins in my pocket so put them in the other machine – you get these cards you pull the tabs off to see if you’ve won – and the first tab was for £100 🙂

    So, a couple of beers, back home for dinner, then a lazy afternoon on the couch…if only every day could be like this 😉

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    0 thoughts on “Lucky, lazy Sunday

    1. My weekend was anything but mellow. I need a day off to recover from it. The worst part was I Wasn’t off having fun. I was working at home on the house. UGH!

    2. Wanker, you didn’t even buy me a pint, someone said you’d won then fucked off. Typical tightwadded yid twat!!!!!!!!!

    3. Bollocks – you had to be there…and who else buys a round when they win the £100? no-one. Fucking Norman never buys a round period – and he’s had the £300 a few times more than me…

      In the words of my esteemed ex-boss (usually after I asked for a raise): “Git tae fuck!”

    4. Anyway, when I won the £100, I then bought a round, stayed and had 3 pints – at least 1.5 hours – THEN left…not my fault you’re a lightweight and was too hungover to get out (you Chelski scum).

      Live with it 🙂 and yes, I’m having a great time tonight

      Oh, as an aside – do you recall sitting in my chair just after Kathy and I had christened it? hope there were no stains…*snigger*

      Oh, I should add to anyone reading this – Brian is a great bloke, but we’re not (and never have been ) lovers…his cock is too small…well, so Von says…

      *whistles innocently and wanders off – job done*

      Don’t ya just love t’interweb? 🙂 *mwah* for my ex-lodger Bri – REALLY great bloke 🙂

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