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    For the last day I’ve had what can only be described as: FUCKING AWFUL SERVICE on my phone (Vodafone). Yesterday, it took me about 2 hours and countless reboots (IT cure-all: “Did you try turning it off and on again?”), before I could connect to the network – no way was I calling their £fuck-knows-how-much-a-minute ‘help’ line, so I gritted my teeth (and started reading my T&C) and accepted it…it seemed to work itself out.

    Today, I had a few problems sending texts etc. and, being the kind hearted guy I am (generally – I’ve not mentioned the work thing yet, I’m trying to work through it*), I put it down to a temporary issue with Vodafone’s network and thought they’d sort it over the weekend…just got a text “Sorry, got no signal” from a fellow Vodafone (think I’ll refer to them as ‘gotnofone’ from now on). Bless…but she is blonde (and lovely 🙂 )

    I’m cooking boeuf bourguignon right now for tomorrow – it smells so good, and of course, half a bottle of wine for the pot, half for me…and then open another bottle for me 🙂 so I’ve sat and drunk most of that while watching ‘Highlander’ (classic film IMO) and am now feeling very happy 🙂 which is nice…

    *Ah, yes…well, Tim (allegedly ‘Works Manager’ – couldn’t manage his way out of a fucking brothel – and he should know, he married the ugliest fucking Thai bird I’ve EVER seen)  is a cnut of the highest order (and I mean that as derogatory as I possibly can), and if he reads this – face up to me you knob – stop hiding behind the phone.

    And breathe…aah 🙂

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    3 thoughts on “Mobile phones

    1. I love it when you drink wine and post. You should do it more often.

    2. Heh – got a few bottles, maybe I will…but honestly – he’s a twat. And she IS the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen – why the fuck he didn’t get a ladyboy I don’t know – they’re far better looking than her…

    3. It is known as Nodafone in our household thanks to the consistant lack of topups (leaving various family members stranded without coverage), many hours on hold or waiting managers calls back, $150 off my credit card to escape a service they couldn’t provide, a complaint to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, more phonecalls, a stomach ulcer, a facebook group called Nodafone – stories of shoddy customer service (formed while I was on hold yet again) a refund of my $150 and the opportunity to steer anyone who asks away from them.
      Feel better now.

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