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    How to impress people – especially your boss (aka: how NOT to be a numpty*)

    So yesterday was my nemesis (you know – Monday). Now for some reason, over Easter we get a lot of bank holidays in the UK. And that, your honour, is my defence for not coming into work yesterday – I thought it was a bank holiday. No really – I did. I got up early and everything, pootled about the house and garden doing stuff – I even got some of my DVDs sorted. Well, the boss laughed (at me!) today when he got in… * Word ‘numpty’ courtesy of Lisa, aged 9¾  

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    A new week (albeit somewhat shorter)

    So, I’ve been in the office almost 2 hours and STILL wish I was back in bed. Not because I was up all weekend partying – oh no, I didn’t even leave the house Sunday or Monday – and only left Saturday to watch the early football game, then back home to stream the Spurs game over the ‘net. Yes indeed – I’ve had a very quiet bank holiday weekend – just me and my cabbage and carrots 🙂 I must get a chunk of money saved up, so this kind of thing (minus the veg!) will be happening a […]

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    Remember me?

    Well, that was another bank holiday weekend – did exactly what I was gonna do (absolutely nothing – no housework, no gardening – just vegged in front of the TV all weekend and ate loads). The original plan was to borrow Harriett’s campervan and maybe go see a festival (Gatecrasher was on…) but she didn’t want me to go alone (yes, it DOES look like a collar and lead around my neck). Still, back to work eh? EDIT: And here I am – back at ‘Mission Control’. First in, all alone – just me and my coffee 🙁 Oh well, […]

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