A new week (albeit somewhat shorter)

    So, I’ve been in the office almost 2 hours and STILL wish I was back in bed. Not because I was up all weekend partying – oh no, I didn’t even leave the house Sunday or Monday – and only left Saturday to watch the early football game, then back home to stream the Spurs game over the ‘net.

    Yes indeed – I’ve had a very quiet bank holiday weekend – just me and my cabbage and carrots πŸ™‚

    I must get a chunk of money saved up, so this kind of thing (minus the veg!) will be happening a lot from now – at least for a few weeks anyway πŸ˜‰

    But – what to do while I’m stuck at home? well, there’s always housework…

    But no – I’ve managed to pickup a second BT Vision box (think Sky+ box), have already opened it up and found some notes on t’interwebs about modding it. Ideally, I’d like to upgrade the hard drive, and merely interface it to a PC, but I’m not sure this can be done so (while looking into this more thoroughly), I’ll probably end up turning it into a networked media centre.

    As well, as this, I still have to finish the patio (put on hold due to V and holiday in Poland – I’m not going to Poland now), fix the washing machine and cooker, tidy the gardens…it’s never ending when you start writing it down.

    Oh well, keeps me off the streets πŸ™‚

    But wait – if I was on the streets, surely I’d be having fun somewhere?

    EDIT: I like to see where I’m getting my hits from, and I’m a bit confused by a visitor from town, a Virgin Media customer with the IP: 81.***.89.84 – who are you? make y’self known!

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    0 thoughts on “A new week (albeit somewhat shorter)

    1. I’m hitting you from Australia, but you probably know that. Found you via Rik (doesn’t everyone?)

    2. Hey Pseudo,

      Yeah, your hits come through as from Swiftel, Perth.

      I’m just wondering who the local is…

    3. stalker maybe?

    4. Oh Boy!
      then back home to stream the Spurs game over the β€˜net.

      You certainly know how to party snee!

    5. *whistles innocently*

      No ninjas here – move along…

    6. Hmmmmm
      **thinks snee didn’t ninja that or it would have said something about lovely cock**

    7. Curious, where are most of your hits from? Do you know most of them?

    8. The little map thingy under the calendar shows where my hits come from – click it and see.

      Oh, bu’er? where’s your blog?

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