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    So, yesterday turned out to be fairly busy for me

    A guy who does some rep work for us visited the office. As he came in he spotted me and said “Ah, just the man.” (this generally makes me die a little inside ‘cos it’s usually the precursor to some inane computer problem, but I like the bloke). “What’s up then?” I enquired. “My daughter’s laptop has a virus – I’ve got it in the car – can you take a look at it for me?” I agreed and the laptop was duly presented to me – a pink Dell no less 😐 So I booted it up and OMG…it’s […]

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    snee – computer whisperer

    It’s that time of the month again…no, I’m not bleeding or anything – I mean Microshite just released the monthly updates 🙂 I love it…I can guarantee 4 out of 10 computers will have issues with the updates, and who do people call? who is the only one in town who can talk them through problems over the phone? That’d be me – and I’m not blowing my own trumpet (too much) here – there’s a reason my mates refer to me as ‘The Matrix’, I have this sixth sense when it comes to sick computers – my brother has […]

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    "Can I just ask you one question?"

    Didn’t really give me a choice there did you? Seriously though, the amount of times I’m out having a quiet, relaxing pint, when I’ll catch the eye of someone across the bar. My thought process goes a little like this: “Fucksocks…is he coming over? bollocks, he is.” And then I get the “You fixed my computer 3 years ago…” I usually follow this with “And many, many others since then…” to no avail. Now anyone reading this who has fixed a few computers will be nodding in agreement here, but these people assume that because you installed a stick of […]

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