"Can I just ask you one question?"

    Didn’t really give me a choice there did you?

    Seriously though, the amount of times I’m out having a quiet, relaxing pint, when I’ll catch the eye of someone across the bar. My thought process goes a little like this:

    “Fucksocks…is he coming over? bollocks, he is.”

    And then I get the “You fixed my computer 3 years ago…”

    I usually follow this with “And many, many others since then…” to no avail.

    Now anyone reading this who has fixed a few computers will be nodding in agreement here, but these people assume that because you installed a stick of RAM for them 3 years ago, you automatically know every detail about their system with out looking at it again.

    A friend has a problem with his computer – from what I’ve learnt, it freezes during POST. I reassured him that it’s most likely not terminal and worse case, I can retrieve the data from the drive, wipe it and put on a fresh genuine copy *cough* of Windows, then put his data back on.

    He was particularly concerned with a game he plays.

    “It took so long to download the game.” he said sadly.

    “But you were on a dial-up connection right?” says I.

    After explaining what a dial-up connection was (is this what an embolism feels like?), then explaining the difference between that speed and current broadband/cable speeds I lost the will to live assured him he’d be up and running with his game within a day or two of getting the computer to me.

    I love computers, and still get a buzz from making them run faster and better than before, but people! sometimes I need some quiet, peaceful time without being hounded for my skills.

    Anyway, it’s Friday – the weekend cometh…

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    0 thoughts on “"Can I just ask you one question?"

    1. “peaceful time without being hounded for my skills”……………………I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to make a dirty comment here, but being on the verge of getting married, I must refrain!!!! *grins

    2. I get that ‘can I ask you a question?’ all the time at work. Usually it’s when I’m in the middle of dealing with another customer. A forced smile and “You just did” before continuing on with what I was doing before I was so rudely interrupted.

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