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    It’s that time of the month again…no, I’m not bleeding or anything – I mean Microshite just released the monthly updates 🙂

    I love it…I can guarantee 4 out of 10 computers will have issues with the updates, and who do people call? who is the only one in town who can talk them through problems over the phone?

    That’d be me – and I’m not blowing my own trumpet (too much) here – there’s a reason my mates refer to me as ‘The Matrix’, I have this sixth sense when it comes to sick computers – my brother has the same thing with cars. The Bennett’s have awesome genes it seems 🙂

    So, in the space of 20 minutes, I’ve got 2 people in town sorted with their PCs without leaving my house (and one of them was a bit of a bitch to sort out – mainly ‘cos I’m relying on them doing EXACTLY what I say, and people rarely do that when you’re not right there).

    Heh – can you tell I’m on a hyper right now? this is what computers do to me – I’ve loved them for 30 years now, I can usually tell you within minutes what the problem is, and – more importantly – fix it without too much downtime.

    And my fee? I ask a mere £30 a time 🙂 who can beat that?

    As such, I bask in my ‘computer god’ status – it gets to be a right pain now and then when I pop into the pub for a quiet beer and get hassled for advice (even geeks need some ‘me time’ now and then), but on those occasions, they get to meet my bastard side (ie: “FUCK OFF! give me a call tomorrow…”), some have continued to hassle me (“I just want to ask a question…” – no, FUCK OFF, you want a free fix and you’re taking my drinking time away – piss off before you eat my pint glass).

    In St Neots, there are 2 computer shops:

    St Neots Computing run by Andrew Cobourne – a place I heartily recommend. This is the place I’D goto if I found a problem I couldn’t fix – even with my own PCs.

    Antechs – rip-off merchants. Fuck ’em. I’d not give them the time of day. I’ve heard stories about so many people being charged hundreds and not getting a satisfactory repair/upgrade.

    So, if you’re in St Neots and your computer goes wrong and you can’t get hold of me (try asking behind the bar in the Tudor 😉 ), go see Andrew (I keep typing Mark – that’s his elder brother, went to school with him 🙂 )

    But I still maintain that I am the only person within 20 miles or so that can tell you within minutes what is wrong and give you a genuine price to repair.

    I should be a fucking millionaire…but I love computers so much I’d rather be skint looking at a purring PC rather than have a wedge of cash looking at someone who’s PC is working but THEY’RE now skint…

    Of course, the word of mouth recommendations go a long way to making up for this 🙂

    I really should get a semi-professional website sorted for myself to catch the business (especially from the companies dotted about…)

    My dad would be so proud of me 🙂

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