Just about recovered from the weekend…

    A 3 day bender after going about 9 months without really going out – yes, I missed work on Monday, but I’m fine now.

    Anyway, it was time I checked out the new Wetherspoon‘s pub in town – it’s on the site of the old Post Office, and it’s HUGE. Did you notice the name? “The Weeping Ash”. It took about 3 seconds for it to be irrevocably renamed locally as “The Weeping Gash”.

    But the food is cheap and good 🙂 and despite what I’d heard about the (lack of) service, I was impressed.

    Of course, it’s taken away trade from at least 2 places in town (The Priory – aka ‘Meat Market’, and The New Inn), but once the novelty has worn off I’m sure their business will pickup again.

    Oh well, back to work…

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