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    Did I tell you the joke about the…

    Wait, that’s not for a mainstream audience. Well, Spurs eventually got a draw yesterday, meaning we take Bolton back to the Lane for a reply. And what a dire game it was – Spurs didn’t seem to have even turned up in the first half – there was 5 minutes (after we’d conceded the goal), that we seemed to start playing…then everyone just went to sleep until the second half. Good ol’ Defoe equalised, then we hit the bar a couple of times before getting a penalty awarded to us. Now, all Spurs fans will know – since Keane was […]

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    Carling Cup last night – Spurs were at Preston. Some beautiful goals – 2 great volleys from Crouch (second was a backheeled volley – pure class) as part of his first hat-trick for Spurs. Defoe and Keane scored the other goals and Lennon is oozing confidence now… Enjoy 🙂 And following on from my disaster in dating, I got this joke today: I could never be gay. I can’t bear the thought of blokes turning me down as well. Cheers mate… I like this one though: DERREN BROWN’S alwAys plaCing sUblimiNal picTures in his television shows. Heh… 🙂

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    I'm back from V

    No major injuries too 🙂 (well, my back is killing me ‘cos I actually DANCED MY FUCKING ARSE OFF!). I’m desperately in need of a bath (had a poo* when we stopped at some services – pity the next one in after me…I’d saved that all weekend 🙂 ) Top act I saw of the weekend? Pendulum without a doubt (although it was this point my back went), Killers were awesome as ever, Oasis had a great set Saturday too – I reckon I managed to see about 35 bands, drank a metric shitload of alcohol, slept very little…and had […]

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