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    Carling Cup last night – Spurs were at Preston. Some beautiful goals – 2 great volleys from Crouch (second was a backheeled volley – pure class) as part of his first hat-trick for Spurs. Defoe and Keane scored the other goals and Lennon is oozing confidence now… [youtube=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBOd-FuIp8Y”] Enjoy 🙂 And following on from my disaster in dating, I got this joke today: I could never be gay. I can’t bear the thought of blokes turning me down as well. Cheers mate… I like this one though: DERREN BROWN’S alwAys plaCing sUblimiNal picTures in his television shows. Heh… 🙂

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    Tomorrow's the day…Yid Army!

    Rik, I ALWAYS answer email – and I check my junk folder constantly (always thinking “Why have junk filters when I go through to make sure nothing got junked by accident…”, a geek thing probably *shrugs*) [polldaddy poll=1348770] I had a lunch date yesterday 🙂 well, we met at 2, but it seemed to go well and it was well after 11 when I wandered into the Tudor for a sneaky last pint. Of course, it’s never that easy…ended up in town and remember a kebab in the New Inn? Oh, and rumour has it there’s a football game on […]

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