Tomorrow's the day…Yid Army!

    Rik, I ALWAYS answer email – and I check my junk folder constantly (always thinking “Why have junk filters when I go through to make sure nothing got junked by accident…”, a geek thing probably *shrugs*)

    I had a lunch date yesterday 🙂 well, we met at 2, but it seemed to go well and it was well after 11 when I wandered into the Tudor for a sneaky last pint.

    Of course, it’s never that easy…ended up in town and remember a kebab in the New Inn?

    Oh, and rumour has it there’s a football game on tomorrow…in London? N17?

    Wait…could it be…

    Spurs v Arsenal?


    And Keane’s home again? 😀

    Oooh…I’m getting shivers just thinking about it. It was around this time we had the pleasure of a small win over them last year in the Carling Cup semi-final. Got a small bet with a friend – it’s like taking sweets from a kid really, he’s NEVER taken any money off me yet (well, he IS a Gooner…).

    Prediction: Pavlyuchenko first scorer – a belter from the edge of the box. Keane running in like he does and tucking the second away before half time (complete with forward roll, shooting arrows celebration – instantly re-establishes his God status at The Lane). Bust up in the tunnel on the way out for the second half – Dawson carded. Rough as hell second half, cards all over the shop, 5 minutes from time Lennon makes a speedy, mazy run, puts a cross into the box, Pav sees Keane and chips the ball up – Keane volley into the top right. Stadium erupts…Arsenal consider moving back to South London. Job Done.



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