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    I'm back! (again…)

    Well, Spain was fun, as ever 🙂 Wasn’t as warm as I would have liked, but 20 degrees is still better than it was here… Nice hotel – even had a balcony – so I stood out on that and watched the traffic going by for a bit while waiting for the restaurant to open for dinner 😉 This trip was a bit strange really – I was out in Girona only a couple of weeks back to test/inspect the de-icer there, and then out to Reus (200km south) this week. I flew into Reus for this one, but flew […]

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    A hectic week

    So, Monday I was up in East Midlands Airport, back to the office about 3.30 – relatively easy day (if you disregard lugging the test rig on and off jacks). Yesterday, or yes…up at 5 to get to Stansted for my flight to Spain (Girona). Was about 11 local time when I FINALLY got my security pass and could go do the work. I must admit though, it was lovely being on the apron in glorious sunshine, so I took my time and had a good play was very thorough in testing and inspecting the rig – similar to this […]

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    Happy days

    Well, I’m happy 🙂 No, I’m VERY happy 🙂 Got a new woman in my life and it’s going very well…very well indeed. I was supposed to be going onto a 3 day week at work, but it seems that’s just a smokescreen of some kind – we need to downsize in our workshop and having the guys all thinking my hours have been reduced has them all wondering if their jobs are safe. On the plus side, this should mean productivity is up – time will tell. Anyway, Kathy’s away for the week down in Cornwall (now THAT’D be […]

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