Happy days

    Well, I’m happy šŸ™‚

    No, I’m VERY happy šŸ™‚

    Got a new woman in my life and it’s going very well…very well indeed.

    I was supposed to be going onto a 3 day week at work, but it seems that’s just a smokescreen of some kind – we need to downsize in our workshop and having the guys all thinking my hours have been reduced has them all wondering if their jobs are safe. On the plus side, this should mean productivity is up – time will tell.

    Anyway, Kathy’s away for the week down in Cornwall (now THAT’D be a long drive if I were to go see her…) – our second week apart after my week in Morocco (did I mention I’d been to Morocco?). I’m off to Spain a week on Thursday for the day – testing at Ryanair in Girona, then bringing back as much tobacco as I can carry ‘cos it seems no-one is selling any in town nowadays so I’m gonna jump into the market and make a few quid šŸ™‚

    Weather’s slowly turning nice – and I’ve got bloody hayfever šŸ™ looking at a pollen calendar, it seems I’m allergic to Ash and Birch tree pollen – should die out in a week or so though šŸ™‚ just in time for a trip to Spain, and then see Kathy (must book a couple of days off…)

    And that’s about it…

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    0 thoughts on “Happy days

    1. Glad you’re happy! No, I’m glad you’re VERY happy!! How far is Spain from you, that you can go in a day?

    2. 2 hour flight or so – be an early start, but I should get a day off to compensate…sexytime with Kathy!

    3. Sweet! Glad you can finally say her name!! šŸ™‚

    4. cant wait for the sexytime!! (again!)
      NOW! please

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