I'm back! (again…)

    Well, Spain was fun, as ever πŸ™‚

    Wasn’t as warm as I would have liked, but 20 degrees is still better than it was here…

    Nice hotel – even had a balcony – so I stood out on that and watched the traffic going by for a bit while waiting for the restaurant to open for dinner πŸ˜‰

    Hotel view

    This trip was a bit strange really – I was out in Girona only a couple of weeks back to test/inspect the de-icer there, and then out to Reus (200km south) this week. I flew into Reus for this one, but flew out from Girona. It would have made more sense for Ryanair to fly me to Reus, carry out the test there, then drive to Girona, carry out the test there, then jump on the late flight back to Stansted. Instead, I got a night in the hotel, and a hire car to get to Girona πŸ™‚ ugly looking thing though:

    Skodia Fabia

    Still, was nice to drive, and the roads in Spain are well maintained and sign posted, so I didn’t get lost!

    It didn’t bother me at all driving on the other side of the road (although changing gear with my right hand instead of the left was initially odd), but it felt weird when I was driving home from Stansted last night being on the left again – maybe I’m destined to live in mainland Europe?

    I must sing the praises of the pilot from yesterday though – I’ve never experienced such a smooth landing EVER – you just didn’t even feel the wheels touch down, I only realised we were down when the brakes came on…

    For once, Stansted border control was empty – another flight got there at the same time as the first ones off (that’ll be me then) from our flight so I was 8th in line and got through in super fast time. Seems they’ve given up looking for similarities between my passport photo and me – I mean, look:

    Me in 2004, and now

    Oh well, another trip completed – think that brings my flying this year up to about 13000 miles – testing is due in Dublin early next month, so that’ll add another 750 miles if I go, and still not heard about the line station testing due in Jamaica & Mexico…

    Happy days πŸ™‚


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    0 thoughts on “I'm back! (again…)

    1. Your passport pictures look like mugshots. 😐

      1. The shot taken in 2004 is my passport picture, the other was taken for my driving licence and is about 2 years old (but I still look kinda the same)

    2. 20 degrees? Perfect! I love being able to see my breath and to have that nip in the air. And, snow!

      Oh wait, you’re talking Celsius. Too hot. You can haz.

      Those pics of you are scary, snee. Would not want to run into you in a dark alley!

      P.S. Glad you had a fabu time in Spain.

      1. Scary? can’t see why – unless you mean my hair sticking up all over…

        1. You have a look on your face that says, “Don’t fuck me me, mate.”

    3. 2004? I knew you then or there abouts. that’s when you were shy and wouldn’t talk to anyone in chat (in a private message that is!) oh the memories! πŸ™‚ yes I will blog…geesh, lots of stuff going on right now…too much that I could just cry, but I have to deal..so deal I will!! Thanks for asking though!! πŸ™‚

      1. Funny, I think snee and I started talking in private because I pmed HIM asking him computer questions. It was only a matter of time before I was seduced by his proper spelling and punctuation.
        I should send him a red pencil.
        And my fucking monkeys.
        And that peace magnet.
        And that tiny fuzzy bunny.

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