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    0 thoughts on “It's a (non pervy) picture…

    1. She’s very pretty!!

      1. Uh huh – what’s she doing with an old fart like me eh?

        Oh, and seeing as she’s Greek, she complains that I have a better tan than her…

    2. Oh. Mah. Gawd. She’s teh hawtness! Niiiiice.

      1. Isn’t she just? you should hear her accent… 🙂

    3. Did you tell us how you met her?? I can’t remember. There were a few (ahem) that you were going out there for awhile with. I think you should post a pic of you both I think you guys look like you belong together! Very nice indeed! 🙂 (ok just to clarify, not pics of you both in bed- I can read you like a book snee)!

    4. She looks like someone who was married to one of the most well known musicians from Washington, only with dark hair, not bleach blond.

      And hey bu’er, if Carrie PreCum can do it, why can’t snee?

      She’s very pretty snee. Now give me a hug.

    5. well if he really wants to he can. we could give him points, or cheer him on for doing the right things-he could even make a “how to” video…hey that’s a really good idea Whabs….do it snee, post a porn movie of you and the new girl. DO IT! 🙂

    6. I’m definitely not posting any home made porn 😐

    7. Bawk Bawk!

    8. Pffft – you don’t even blog, let alone post porn 😛

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