I know no-one cares but…

    My cold has gone! 🙂

    Woo! and indeed, Yay!

    All that’s left is this niggly cough – I’ll pickup some super strength, blow-your-head-off-if-you-drink-it-with-alcohol cough stuff later, and I’ll be right as rain* by Sunday (meeting up with Marina then).

    I have a formula for buying anything medicinal…well, not a formula, more a guideline:

    Does it say “May cause drowsiness” on the bottle/can/box? If not, move to the next one…in my experience, ONLY the drowsy ones actually work (antihistamines are a fine example of this).

    I also need some lip stuff – whatsit called? (quick Google) – ah, Lypsyl. Not that my lips are cracked, but it’s great for getting rid of the red soreness around the nose after 2-3 days of blowing copious amounts of snot out 🙂

    I did actually stop off at Tesco to buy said supplies (I would’ve asked for ‘lip stuff™’ if I didn’t actually see what the stuff was called (no Google in Tesco…well, unless I use my phone), but the pharmacy bit doesn’t open until 9…so, here’s a handy tip for anybody thinking of travelling to the UK:


    * Where DOES this saying come from? quick look on Google gave me this:

    Right as rain is a latecomer to this illustrious collection of curious similes. It may have first appeared at the very end of the nineteenth century, but the first example I can find is from Max Beerbohm’s book Yet Again of 1909: “He looked, as himself would undoubtedly have said, ‘fit as a fiddle,’ or ‘right as rain.’ His cheeks were rosy, his eyes sparkling”. Since then it has almost completely taken over from the others.

    It makes no more sense than the variants it has usurped and is clearly just a play on words (though perhaps there’s a lurking idea that rain often comes straight down, in a right line, to use the old sense). But the alliteration was undoubtedly why it was created and has helped its survival. As right as ninepence has had a good run, too, but that has vanished even in Britain since we decimalised the coinage and since ninepence stopped being worth very much.

    The page in it’s entirety can be found here (just wanted to pad the post out a bit 😛 ).

    So there you have it – just another service I provide 😉

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    0 thoughts on “I know no-one cares but…

    1. Oh but I care my dear friend!! Glad you’re better!

    2. I care, too, snee, because you are MUCH better at providing said services when you are well. 😀

    3. Bon Voyage snee’s cold. Fuck you with 18957876801768017568175681760817760878972469878057807680173568275601837653876391807601837683476371456831756803175680317568013658731560813745608175608317658374156380176 (in loving honor of Arie_the_Attention__Whore) Pitchforks.

    4. oh my, I really need a vacation. And a sneaky ninja edit. And this ashtray, and that’s all I need. OH! I need this joint, and these matches.

    5. thanks. Now remember what my password is so I can log into msn and bother you.

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