A quick Friday post…

    It’s bloody cold here, and I don’t really like the cold – it makes my ankle throb like fuck and me in general just miserable…

    Still, it IS Friday (half day, payday) so I shouldn’t really moan too much 🙂

    Busy afternoon ahead – got to deliver the car and it’ll be about 5 before I get back, then nice long soak in the bath and off to the Tudor for a night of drunken debauchery (typical Friday night then 😉 ). Last Friday was really good – seems I’m gonna have to call by and drag Bob out kicking and screaming as he reckons he’s not out tonight (Ha!).

    Then tomorrow, off to see Marina in London 🙂

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    0 thoughts on “A quick Friday post…

    1. I get to pack an overnight bag and spend the night at The Boy’s house tonight. 😀 YAY!

    2. I love the cold. How was your weekend in the marina–er, with Marina?

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