Have a quickie (oo-er missus)

    So, Windows eh?

    I like XP (Professional, SP3). It’s stable*, and you can get rid of all the girly crap and make it look like Win2K.

    Vista is shit. Total shit – it has no saving graces whatsoever. When Lee died, it took me about 4 months to crack his laptop running Vista as he’d listened to me and put on the Password From Hell™.

    Anyway, using the skills I acquired while cracking Vista security, I now have a bootable CD with various utilities to reset passwords, and run AV scans and the like (what’s very handy is the ability to mount NTFS volumes in read AND write mode to delete those bastard .exe/.dll files that some malware install).

    So, t’other day I was given my first Windows 7 computer to crack…45 seconds later (I kid you not), the job was done.

    My opinion? Windows 7 looks like Vista (so I didn’t really want to play with it for long), the security has gone backwards, and I’m sticking with XP Pro/various Linux distros for the foreseeable future.

    That is all – jog on.

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    0 thoughts on “Have a quickie (oo-er missus)

    1. Why am I not surprised. And here my mom is ALL jazzed about the windows 7 free upgrade she is looking forward to getting.
      Seriously? 45 seconds? Who handed you the computer to crack, why, and were there any passwords from hell on it?

    2. Yes, 45 seconds…
      Um…an associate 😉
      Because they needed to use it.
      Yes – but cleared in seconds.

      Stop asking awkward questions!

    3. My bro who is a techie loves Windows 7. Just a FYI. He said it’s what Vista should have been, but wasn’t.

      1. Well, I only gave it 5 minutes (if that!), so my opinion was based purely on that – I never bothered installing the beta version I had. The security has gone backwards though – Vista (albeit a shit OS), was pretty damn secure, but Windows 7 was like a cheap whore 😉

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