snee, and the theatre…

    Well, I wasn’t too sure what to expect (certainly not £5 for a poxy bottle of Carlsberg!), but I actually enjoyed it 🙂

    Watched ‘The Misanthrope‘ and it was very weird…for the entire first act, I was convinced it was about ME! (although I’m not a ginger like Damian Lewis).

    It was a very funny production all in all (Keira Knightley is gorgeous, but very skinny…).

    Followed that up with a few drinks in a pub, then a meal in Chinatown…lovely

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    0 thoughts on “snee, and the theatre…

    1. I just discovered this last weekend The Boy is a Ginger. By “discovered”, I mean admitted it.

    2. I discovered that people REALLY are stoopid…so many people see me and say “Oh, you growing a beard?”

      Dumbarses…but it’s looking good after 3 weeks 🙂

    3. I didn’t know what being “ginger” was. So I looked it up. This is what I found. I’m thinking you guys are refering to something else.

      Origin: American, English Slang
      Definition: a redheaded person
      Example: Gingers can get sunburned easily.

    4. Damien Lewis rocks hard. I like gingers. Lovely. Glad you liked the theatre. You should go more often.

    5. No bu’er, I mean The Boy is a redhead.
      I’m totally smitten with a Ginger.

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