We're in Europe!

    So, I landed last night, switched my phone on and straight away checked the football scores…

    To set the scene: Spurs and Man City both had 2 games to go in the League, and both teams needed to win last night to finish in 4th place and guarantee Champion’s League football next season – this game was dubbed ‘the £50 million game’ (‘cos there’s a LOT of money to be made in the Champion’s League).

    And so – Man City v Spurs – and I was flying while the game was on…

    So, on landing, I turned my phone on (doesn’t take much – gentle rub and some soft words…) and checked the results…WOO! 0-1 to Spurs 🙂

    And that’s how the entire flight suddenly became aware that there was a Spurs fan in their midst 😉


    The table looks like this with 1 game to go:

    Premier League

    Spurs’ last game is against Burnley, while Arsenal’s is against Fulham. Now here’s the good bit: if Fulham can beat Arsenal, and we beat Burnley, then we finish 3rd, and, more importantly – above the gooner scum 🙂


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    1. ….”doesn’t take much – gentle rub and some soft words…”

      That’s what she said!

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