Ever notice how weekends just turn into a drunken blur?

    No? oh, it’s just me then…

    Excellent weekend though – my usual thing of a quick beer Friday lunchtime, pop into town to take care of bills, then do a bit of shopping, back home, housework, bath and ready for the night didn’t happen, some mates were in the pub so I had the brainwave of parking on Harriett’s drive and picking the car up the next day…


    And so, I got very, very drunk Friday 🙂 apparently I turned up at Harriett’s about 7pm, staggering around mumbling to myself. She said “I just sent you a text” so cue me scrolling through messages, blearily trying to read them, then with a “Oh yeah.” I wandered off back to the pub where I met some more mates and was convinced to go with them to sort out a computer (and I was seriously wasted…).

    Woke up in my own bed Saturday morning full of the joys of spring and immediately set to sorting out the 3 laptops that had been waiting for my touch – got all 3 sorted 🙂 productive morning…

    Then I wandered back to the pub and proceeded to get to the recommended 35% blood/alcohol mix. The rest of the afternoon/evening became a blur (mucho beer and a pill).

    Sunday morning was grim – woke up at 7.30am, drank lots of water, wandered about for 10 minutes, then put myself back to bed (the comedown on the purple pills is horrible) for another few hours.

    2pm I presented myself back at the pub and found out much of what I’d been up to the night before, totally stoned with a huge grin on my face talking bollocks to everyone (normal night then).

    Of course, after a couple of beers I was back to being pissed so went to a mate’s flat to watch a DVD. This turned into a bit of a party – lots of beer, some weed and people just having a good time.

    I woke at 6.15am, wandered to pick my car up form Harriett’s, got back to mine about 6.30 and managed to get a bit of sleep before heading into work.

    Did get an invite to dinner last night though – lovely roast lamb 🙂 then was home tucked up in bed by 8pm.

    The best thing about this weekend though, is I still have £115 in my wallet – bonus!

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    0 thoughts on “Ever notice how weekends just turn into a drunken blur?

    1. I was going to start “nagging” cause I haven’t seen a blog in awhile…now I see why. Glad you had fun, but you need to slow down…yes, I sound like your mother. Glad to finally hear from you! (Was surprised there was no sex’age at all in that recap of the weekend)

      1. I was just talking to Chan earlier – we both agreed that we’re getting too old to party with the young ‘uns all the time (although we outdo them a lot of the time), and maybe should limit the partying to maybe 1 night a weekend (yeah right 😉 )

        As for sex – I’ve not had any in so long I’ve practically forgotten about it 😐

    2. YOU, SNEE, forget about sex? Right.

    3. S….Se….Sex?

      What’s that?

      I’ve forgotten too.

      It’s been… *counts on both hands* 10 days. I think 11, but I only have 10 fingers ya know.

    4. thats what i call busy weekend!!! im always working as usual.. still manage to forget way to my friday bed and after work on saturday end up as a completly stoned and drunk in our local pub Bongo Bongo (smoker’s bar):-DD

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