Oh well, another weekend where I did not do a great deal, or even go out – spent most of the weekend in my garden in shorts, trying to motivate myself to get on with the patio (yes, it’s STILL not finished, but it’s only taken 15 months or so thus far).

    The thing is, I’m quite enjoying staying in being a hermit – this usually only occurs around shitmas, but it seems I’m evolving into a grumpy old man (not such a bad thing – it keeps the fuckwits away).

    So, the World Cup is all over, Spain are Champions and there’s a month or so until football kicks off over here…

    I’m so bored, but going out just has no appeal to me right now – I just want to curl up in bed.


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    1. Just don’t forget to come back out, hermit has a way of taking over in a sneaky way.
      15 years later you’ll be sitting there going, “Wha…?”

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