How to cure minor depression…

    Yesterday was Trish’s birthday, so I arranged to go for a couple of drinks with her and Harriett.

    And so, there we were, sat outside the Priory in the glorious sunshine, drinking our drinks (pint of Stella for me, ‘Woo-woos’ for the ladies), chatting away and Trish mentioned the sex education series that’s recently been shown on TV over here. Not being a big TV watcher, I listened with a smile to her describing the show (well, she dwelt on the pensioners being naked and extreme close-ups.

    She then went on to say how men shrink with age – I made a comment along the lines of “Oh great, I always wanted to be 6 feet tall, and now you tell me I’m gonna end up a dwarf…”

    “Your dick shrinks too,” she added with a grin.

    So, there you go – what I’ve to look forward to is getting shorter and having no penis…

    Oh well, it’s Thursday – have a good ‘un.

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    1. I’d like to know, what is a “woo woo”?

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