I have a rather strange pussy…

    (Now THAT title should get some hits from Google…).

    So, this morning I was filling the kettle to make a coffee and was looking out the window into the back garden where a sparrow was happily pecking away at a worm or something – such a cute scene.

    It suddenly occurred to me that my cat (Gif) must be in, or the bird would never be doing it’s thing so close to the bushes. As I was thinking this, a movement caught my eye – Gif was not a foot from the bird, staring with a look of almost fright on his face – I opened the back door, the bird flew off, and Gif came running towards me (after a last fearful look for the feathered fiend) and into the safety of the house.

    Now my cat is pretty big, and a sparrow is, well, sparrow sized, so I’ve no idea why he’s scared of them…had me giggling like a loon though.

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    5 thoughts on “I have a rather strange pussy…

    1. For a moment, I thought this related to my fat vagina post…

      1. OMG – you have a post in your fat vagina? :O

        Oh wait…

    2. been gone for a couple of weeks….somethings never change!

      Hi ya! 😉

      1. Now, I’m not one to cast aspersions, but I mention pussy and bu’er is straight on it (oo-er, now THERE’S an image for ya…).

        Hey bu’er 🙂 how YOU doin’?

    3. Hi Snee…yes, I must have gotten your pussy blog vibe. That is, a Gif vibe!! I don’t think I’ve seen Gif for awhile..you should post a pic. (notice I did not say “seen your pussy for awhile”…stayin clean here!

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