football, football, football…

    Well, the final day of the Premiership is tomorrow – Spurs are still in 4th placewith a 1 point advantage over Arsenal – if we win at West Ham, we get 4th place and a Champion’s League slot for next season. Hard to believe there’s no football after tomorrow…until June 9th of course – World Cup 2006 kicks off then. England’s first game on the 10th SHOULD be simple enough – but we have been known to make some bad mistakes in the past…

    On a different note, I did a bit of shopping today, and walking into town (in the brilliant sunshine I might add), I was so aware of the rapidly approaching summer – tiny little ducklings all over the place, birds busy nest building…and women starting to wear those skimpy tops and skirts (there’s no harm looking). On the subject of women baring their midriffs – I think there should be a law against female beer bellies being shown in public – maybe male ones too.

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