Champion’s League

    Well, been a while since I added anything here, but not a great deal has happened lately – Spurs need to win their last game against West Ham to finish in fourth place in the Premiership which would qualify them for Champion’s League next season so long as Arsenal fail to beat Barcelona in the final…COME ON YOU BARCA!

    I see in my last post that I was expecting to be in Bournemouth to do the onsite testing down there – well, that’s not happened yet, it’ll probably be next week now by the time I get in touch with the people I need to talk to (I tried last week to talk to them, but it seems everyone had taken the week off).

    I’ve also had a bit of a clearout computerwise here…I’m down to 2 PCs and my laptop in the living room now, and soon it’ll be just the 1 PC and the laptop – but I’m considering moving one PC upstairs and possibly running it as a webserver again – either that or I’ll run Linux on the remaining PC here and use THAT as a webserver, then I can use my laptop wirelessly to update files etc. All this is still undecided – I want to empty the living room, replace the carpet with hardwood floor and repaint the walls – I’ve been here 10 years now, it’s time I redecorated.

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