Holiday weekends

    Don’t you just love ’em?

    Been a long week considering it was only a 4 day one – went to Manchester (again) on Tuesday to do some onsite testing and finally got home about 10.30pm Wednesday. Next week we’re back down to Bournemouth for testing there (is it REALLY a year since we were last there?). I like Bournemouth International Airport – ther FR Aviation canteen is awesome. Kind of amusing too – you have to cross the taxiway to get to it so high visibility vests (or ‘dinner jackets’ as I have renamed them) must be worn and rather than looking for cars etc., you’re looking out for aircraft.

    My detox seems to be working – been a couple of weeks now with no alcohol and I’m feeling pretty good – let’s see how long I can keep it up eh?

    Well, time for me to get some breakfast then head into town to get some paint stripper so I can make my front porch look slightly better than it does right now – maybe do some garden work too later – who knows?

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