I suppose I'd better post something…

    And so, we’ll start with the football 🙂

    After the first 2 games, Spurs have won 1, and drawn 1 – next Premiership game is home against Wigan (played 2, lost 2, conceded 10 goals). We beat them 9-1 at the Lane last year, so hopefully, more of the same 🙂

    Spurs have the 2nd leg of the Champion’s League play off tomorrow – we lost the 1st leg 3-2 to Young Boys, so a 1 goal win or better, or a 1-1 draw will see us into the competition proper…COYS!

    I’ve not really got a lot of stuff to write about to be honest – I’ve not been going out as my new project is taking up a lot of time (yes, it’s a computer thing and involves lots of coding, so I’m happy 🙂 )

    I could really do with a holiday, but I’m gonna wait until about the end of October to take a week off – hopefully there’ll be a couple of cheap sunshine breaks about. Until then, I’ll work, work, work to get some cash together 🙂

    Of course, I still have my patio to do…I really should spend a weekend to get it finished…meh

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