A quick 'n' dirty geek post ('cos I know deep down y'all love 'em)

    Today has been mostly scripting so I’m like this: 🙂

    The scripting has involved databases – we use FileMaker Pro. I like FileMaker, it’s easy to use and seemed to do exactly what I wanted of it. Lately however, I’ve been frustrated by my inability to achieve what I think the program is up to (yes, this has depressed me greatly – I hate being beat).

    Today though, I tried out FileMaker Pro 11 and OMG – this is me NOW: 😀

    The scripting in it is so, so much better than the version we had before (*cough* 5.5) – it does what I want!!! 🙂

    Spurs v Young Boys tonight – COYS!

    EDIT: A 4-0 win on the night (6-3 on aggregate) sees us into the draw tomorrow 😀 woop, woop!

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    5 thoughts on “A quick 'n' dirty geek post ('cos I know deep down y'all love 'em)

    1. I’m using Firefox! Geeky enough?

      1. I’ve been using it for almost 10 years 🙂

        AKA: I see your geekiness and raise you 😉

    2. I’m so not a geek, cause I’m not smart enough (computer dummy here!)….. BUT I’ve started using FireFox..so that counts huh? I guess I have geek tendencies! 😀

      1. Did you use my affiliate link on the right there to get it? 🙂

    3. No, my brother told me about it, BUT (with huge ass cap’s) I am sure you told me about it a long time ago..cause you’re good like that!

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