Introducing Arie's mail order laundry service – just call 1800-CLEANME

    So, did anyone else watch the Switzerland v England game last night?

    It may come as a surprise to hear that I did, but was mostly distracted by the 2nd commentator having a speech impediment. I was watching the game round a mate’s (Bob) – he’s from Newcastle (aka: a Geordie), so his accent is quite obvious – and we were both giggling throughout the game, makes for a change watching England play I guess…

    When I loogin to WordPress, I can’t seem to get the full editor up (just the QuickPress)…anyone else having this problem? One day I guess I’ll install the app now available for my phone…meh

    I’ve smoked a j – hence the jumping randomly from subject to subject…

    Flying back from Singapore, I’d watched all the films and was bored (except one of the Twilight ones – 15 minutes of that and I switched off), so I found a couple of episodes of The Big Bang Theory…I have to admit, I love it 🙂 I record every episode aired here – just the right amount of geekiness and comedy (a bit like my life really, only they seem to get laid more 😐 )

    Oh yeah, don’t forget to support Arie in her new venture 🙂

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    0 thoughts on “Introducing Arie's mail order laundry service – just call 1800-CLEANME

    1. snee – have I mentioned lately that while I sort of want to slam your pecker in a car door, I adore you?

      (somehow, all I think you’ll see in that is “snee – have I mentioned lately that I want to slam your pecker?”)

      Am I right? 😐

    2. I have this effect on people 🙂 There’s probably a whole horde of people wanting to slam my pecker…in a door.


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