School reunion*

    I got an email recently (remember Friends Reunited?) regarding my school’s reunion – it’s been open for 50 years so they want anyone attending during that time to go. I logged in and had a nosey poke about and found my first year photograph (the family copy seems to have disappeared…):

    Longsands 1985, Form 1T BMW

    Anyway, let’s see how many I can remember – left (as you look) to right:

    Front row: Simon Stratford (RIP), me, dunno, Jason Coupe, Ricky Stephenson, Andrew summat, Anthony DeMartino (?), Jason Morten,

    Second row: Mark Cross, Sean Verlander, Mike Austin, Nick Robinson, Steven McArthur, George Hannah

    Third row: Sally summat (?), Yvonne Reeks, Naomie Vout, Bridget Anderson, dunno, Nicola summat (?), Nicola summat (?), Julie summat (?), dunno

    Back row: dunno, Emma Semark, Joanne summat (?), dunno, Debra James, Chantelle Bobbett, dunno

    Form tutor was Miss Wilkinson

    Heh – I think I did pretty well there…

    * The original email regarding the reunion was received on the 27th and said the reunion was on the 25th…I initially thought they just really, really didn’t want me there 🙁

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    6 thoughts on “School reunion*

    1. How cute! Very nice posture too!

      1. I think that was my general “I really don’t like this…” pose. For someone who prefers blending into the background though, I’m the only one sitting upright with my hands on my knees, and the only one not wearing black trousers…

        It’s no wonder I turned out the way I have 🙂

    2. Hey, look at it this way, you could be the guy beside you (on the end) who wore white socks!

      1. He died a while back…

    3. omg, i’m sorry. 🙁

      1. Anyhoo, I wear white socks…well, the ones that goto just below your ankle – I can’t wear proper socks anymore, they just annoy me 🙂 guess I’m destined to spend my later years barefoot with a big long beard on some sunny isle (Seychelles will do fine 😉 )

        And now I need to crash – 2 days in Spain, a trip round the M25 today means this snee (is there any other?) needs a hot bath and bed – blog will come later. Oh wait, talking of blogging, have you updated lately?


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