NEWSFLASH! Bu’er made a blog entry…

    Just kidding…but it got your attention 😛

    I’m back home, and will blog about my latest adventures, plus news on the cat-in-a-box (pics too!)

    Stay tuned…

    Oh yeah, does anyone know the word?

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    4 thoughts on “NEWSFLASH! Bu’er made a blog entry…

    1. HA! you’re funny!! I know it’s been awhile….I suck at blogging. Glad you’re home and safe.

    2. I know two, no wait, three words.

      1. Granted, Guinness is a word – a FINE word, but the word in question (obviously) is: ‘The bird is the word…’

        For the record: copious amounts of Guinness plus a few bottles of red wine makes your head go funny 😐

        1. I’m sure anything mixed with Guinness would make your head go funny!

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