I’ll say it again: un-fucking-believable…

    Last night Spurs hosted InterMilan at the Lane – see the post below for the match at the San Siro, where Bale showed the world what a class act he is.

    Last night he didn’t score a goal himself, but his pace and vision ripped apart the Champions of Europe – probably the best club team in the world. The seeming ease he went past the top right back in the world (Maicon) – I’m betting after 30 minutes he’d wished he’d stayed home.

    The newbies to the Champion’s League were utterly dominant last night, solid throughout, and everyone played their part awesomely – Spurs have shown they’re not scared of the big boys – the 2 matches we’ve played against Inter totalled 180 minutes – of that, 30 minutes were Inter’s, the rest was Spurs’…and most of that down to Bale:

    Bale vs Maicon

    And so, I give you the highlights:


    Of course, no Spurs fan can forget that only 2 years ago we were stuck at the bottom of the Premier League with 3 points from 8 games. Then in came Redknapp as manager and turned it all around.

    Thanks ‘Arry 🙂

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