It’s the wait…

    So, here I sit at 8.21am, waiting for the tickets for the Foo Fighters to go on sale for MK Bowl…this, today, is my “raison d’etre” 🙂

    But while I wait (impatiently), I’ll type some random stuff here (no change there then huh?)

    Firstly, the papers are reporting that Bale is now worth £50 million to the big clubs – allegedly. I say allegedly, because Spurs would have to want to sell him (or him want to leave) for a figure to be actually put on him, and as Spurs now have a squad of committed long-term players who can see we’re onto big things here – they all want to be part of it.

    Incidentally, it was worked out that Bale ran 37 yards in 3.5 seconds the other night to setup the third goal – the old great Spurs players have all commented that he’s very close to being the perfect winger, pace, vision, and crucially – the end product, whether it be a shot or a cross, is spot on. The standard English remark after mentioning Bale is: “Why couldn’t he be English?” This guy is great – you listen to his post match interviews (and he’s NEVER even out of breath) and he’s so modest – I felt quite sorry for him after the first game at the San Siro – his second half performance and hattrick silenced the San Siro (well, not the Spurs end 😉 ) yet he didn’t even seem to care about SCORING 3 GOALS AGAINST THE BEST CLUB TEAM IN THE WORLD, ON THEIR OWN GROUND, that night in his interview, he WAS Spurs – on the night they hadn’t won, but they had scared the shit out of the Italian giants, and his own personal achievement was put aside for the time being.

    27 minutes to go…

    I’ve not blogged much lately about myself – well, that’s ‘cos not a great deal has been happening, I’m in my semi-hibernation mode avoiding people now until new year (apart from Pendulum at Wembley Arena on December 3rd 🙂 ). I’m also trying to not see/speak to certain people – it just keeps hurting me, so I’m doing the big thing and attempting (again) to move on…we’ll see how that goes eh?

    Well, better get some work done (by that I mean get more coffee) – ciao.

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    2 thoughts on “It’s the wait…

    1. You’re waiting for Foo Fighters tickets. I have friends that are trying to get Oprah tickets in Sydney. You def score more credibility.

      1. The foos sold out within 10 minutes 🙁

        The thing that REALLY gets me though, is ebay already has listings for the tickets at twice the face value…

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