Geek Friday

    Geek quote: “Powerpoint is a tool used by tools to say nothing.”

    This made me snigger uncontrollably as the consultant we’ve got in to bring the ISO stuff up to date etc. insists on doing EVERYTHING in Powerpoint…

    Personally, the only MS product I use (other than Windows XP Pro) is Excel* – every other app is third party…Firefox for a browser, Thunderbird for email, PageMaker for layouts (I will take a look at InDesign sometime), and other Adobe products: Illustrator, Photoshop…the list goes on.

    * Think I’ll take off what little of Office is on my PC and install OpenOffice

    Oh, the Foo Fighter tickets sold out in minutes for the Saturday 🙁 (They’re up on ebay priced at £100+ each now – fuckers).

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