“Spider pants, spider pants…”

    Just a quick one.

    Last night Harriett scared the life out of me by screaming – turned out she’d seen a spider (I offered to throw it out the window but she said either kill it or take it 2 or 3 doors down – as I couldn’t be bothered to get dressed, I’m sorry to say I killed it šŸ™ ). Anyway, she has this fear/hatred of spiders…after a little prompting, I got this reason:

    “One day I was putting on my knickers – had both legs in and was about to pull them up when I noticed a spider had falled out of the crotch and onto me…”

    Of course, being the sensitive guy I am, I was howling with laughter, tears streaming down my face šŸ˜†

    So anyway – Harriett is now known (by me at least) as ‘Spider Pants’


    The end.

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