What a great weekend

    It was my birthday yesterday – I’ve reached the ripe old age of 39 😯

    Had a really good weekend though – and I didn;t even get so drunk I couldn’t talk, just had a couple of beers Friday (had to take Harriett’s car to get new tyres Saturday morning so didn’t want to be hungover), watched the game Saturday afternoon (it would have been so good if Spurs had beaten Arsenal – what a birthday present that would have been 😥 ), met up with some friends in the evening and got quite tipsy, not too much though, I slipped off and left everyone quite early and went for a chinese meal on my own (sad huh?). Harriett came round and stayed the night then we went out for dinner Sunday – very enjoyable (and the food at the Royal Oak is great – WELL recommended).

    I’m quite proud of the fact I turned in for work today – I’m not very good with Mondays, but I did tell everyone I’d be here as the boss is out of the country today and probably needed lots of stuff doing…

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