Oh what a site that is…

    If you’ve not already taken a look, go do it now – I’ve been a member now for some 3 months and it NEVER fails to make me giggle uncontrollably over the QOTW (I’ve even managed to add a few of my stories…).

    Anyhoo, one of the members decided to host a ‘B3ta.com Hot or Not‘ competition, so being the shy guy that I am, I decided to enter too…and then post the pic and link on my web page (can I hear y’all say ‘tart’?).

    The thing I’m impressed with though is out of 180 entries, I’ve gone to 123rd with a rating of 5.6 (25 votes) 🙂

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    1. I voted, guess what number I picked…..12!! You’re super hot! hee hee

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