I love Fridays

    They rock! two reasons really:

    1) We only work half day 🙂
    2) It’s payday 😀

    And so here I sit – it’s just gone 11 so I have a mere 2 hours until the weekend starts – woohoo!

    Corina cracks me up – I just got back into the office and she’s given me a message from a customer. As she had taken somewhat sketchy details, I said I’d call them and see what exactly they needed and asked her for the number.

    She then picked up an A4 sheet of paper and tore off the smallest corner with the details one – this is standard procedure for Corina, She ALWAYS gives me numbers/messages on pieces of paper so small that, should I be caught behind enemy lines, I would have no trouble eating the paper thus preventing important company information being seen… 😐

    Bless her…

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