Even email spam is taking the piss…

    I ask you – what the fuck is that about? and I’ll bet the ‘easy to read font’ is Comic Sans – the font for fuckwits.

    And the consultant we have in at work is really starting to bug the fuck outta me too – I’ve spent time fixing his laptop for him, showed him how to do a mail merge in Word (FFS – surely EVERYONE can do that?), yet he speaks down to everyone in such a condescending manner, I’m surprised no-one (especially me) has decked the twat. I caught him on the phone to a customer the other day, they had a problem uploading stuff to their ‘booth’ on this website that our company and a Singapore company are doing. Now, this is a simple problem – just logout and log back in and the images will show (cookie problem), but I stopped him in mid-sentence: “I’ll get onto the guys in Singapore and get them to sort it out…” I heard him say, “Whoa!” says me, “just get them to logout and log back in.” And I heard him say “Ah, the IT guy says you have to shutdown…” 😐

    At that point the look on my face must have been priceless – Corina almost had an aneurysm trying not to laugh watching me. I just went out for some food…

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    One thought on “Even email spam is taking the piss…

    1. I had a friend who was a urologist. He was forever taking the piss. 😆
      But I don’t know how to mail merge in Word. Whatever that is.

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