Football post – just a head’s up ;)

    ‮So, all these stories about Beckham coming (back home 😉 heh) to Spurs…

    My opinion?

    I’d love to see Becks on the training pitch with Lennon and Bale – there’s not a winger in the world wouldn’t learn from him skills crossing the ball. Free kick specialist? I’ll admit he’s scored some corkers, but I’m certain his hit/miss ratio is way down. Winger? for fuck’s sake – the guy only has to see someone in front of him and he seems to turn around – IMO he can’t run past a player – couldn’t (or mainly didn’t?) even when he was young.

    So, IF (I don’t believe it will happen…) he comes to Spurs on loan – he’ll NEVER take that 7 shirt from Lennon, and at best will make a couple of ‘super sub’ appearances – the squad at Spurs demands he has to play for his place – and what wages would that demand? can you see Levy agreeing to them?

    Anyhoo – Everton vs Spurs is on now (1-1 as I type) – Yid Army!

    EDIT: Arse, 2-1 to Everton…still, other results went our way so it’s no change in the league really…apart from West Ham once again welding themselves to the bottom losing 5-0 at Newcastle…

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