Right, first REAL post of the year…

    It was FA Cup weekend, and that means every bloke is glued to the TV – the FA Cup never fails to bring some ‘giant killers’ (lower leagues beating the higher leagues etc.). This weekend was no exception…

    Arsenal lucky to win a draw against Leeds (rematch at Elland Road will bring some money to Leeds, and I wouldn’t like to play up there against 38,000 braying Yorskshire men – c’mon Leeds! 🙂 )

    Spurs took out Charlton 3-0 to earn a 4th round place away to Fulham – I’m not worried about that though ;), Chelski won 7-0 against Ipswich (my lodger Bri was a bit worried going into the game with Chelski on a bit of a downer…), Man Yoo beat Liverpool 1-0 (dodgy penalty for the home team then Liverpool getting ‘The General’ – Gerrard – sent off really didn’t help Dalgish’s first game back in charge…).

    So, the football went well (apart from Leeds not going 2-0 up which would have knocked the wind out of the gooners sails), had a lovely dinner at Von’s (Bri’s missus), with a few others – lovely meal (as ever), some nice wine, and good conversation (we were watching the Man Yoo v Liverpool game with me updating via my phone on the important games 😉 ).

    So, almost 7pm, I’m home, just cracked open a lovely bottle of Chiraz, and I’m sorted 🙂

    Bring on the week I say 🙂

    So, the only thing missing from my life right now is a woman…and to be honest – I’ll settle for my left hand right now, can’t say I enjoy being single ALL the time, but I don’t miss the drama.

    On a side note, since I bought my new phone (Nokia N900), I’ve been plagued by people who have this masterpiece of computing, but don’t understand the underlying OS (Linux), so can’t ‘fix’ minor niggles they get (makes me look like a Linux god – I’m NOT! – when I can type a few commands and fix their corrupted SMS database etc.)

    Oh yeah, I never mentioned I bought a new phone 🙂 this is my baby:

    Yes, it’s quite similar in looks to my old Nokia N97, but so, so, so, so much more powerful – a full Linux system on a piece of hardware that fits in my pocket :). No, it REALLY is powerful – since I got hold of it, installed a few apps (the full Linux kernel for a start!), I’ve been totally in love – if this is Moore’s Law, long let it live…

    But seriously, this ‘phone’ (it’s actually a small tablet PC with telephone capability) is fucking awesome – add a bluetooth fullsize roll-up keyboard and you have in your pocket a fully functional PC. The OS means I can install MILLIONS of open source applications to do anything I want – I’ve been mostly cracking wireless networks thus far (yeah, yeah, I’m a kid a heart), and informing the owners of their lack in security*

    Hmm, other stuff…well, I fell over carrying 3 cases of beer and bruised my coccyx before shitmas – now THAT’S fucking painful, but please note I never dropped the beer, so all is good mostly there 😉 still gives me gip though and has stopped my sit-up regime for the time being (and there was me almost with a six pack 😛 ).

    Anyway, that was my weekend, looking forward to work next week (no really), and if anyone wants to buy a slightly used Nokia N97 – get in touch 🙂

    Ciao 🙂

    Oh yeah…COYS!

    Yid Army! 😀

    * I’ll get around to telling them at some point…

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    3 thoughts on “Right, first REAL post of the year…

    1. And here I was hitting on you at Arie’s blog.


      (I just wanted to tell you to eat me, really…)

    3. bless, you and your little computer phone:3

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