Another Friday

    I don’t seem to be blogging much during the week do I?

    Guess my life is becomming less-blogworthy…that or it’s too personal to put into the public domain 😉

    Spent the day in Munich on Wednesday at the air show. Turned out to be a l o n g day – got a taxi back to mine from Harriett’s at 4am, picked up at 5.30am to get to the airport, spent the day generally networking, eating and drinking, then back to the airport. Our return flight was supposed to be at 9.40pm but due to fog it was delayed – wait for it – 3 HOURS. The most annoying thing about this was I got a text message from Harriett saying she’d left the key under the mat and I should go round when I landed.

    Had a few more drinks while we waited and finally got to board. As soon as the doors had closed the captain came on to say we’d missed our take-off slot and had a 50 minute wait. Well, contrary to regulations, my phone was switched back off flight mode and a text sent to let Harriett know I’d not be landing until about 2.30am and I’d not be over.

    Finally landed at Stansted and I’ve not seen fog in the UK like that for years. And then began the saga of getting home. We’d parked in the short stay car park and got the ticket validated – got in the car and the ticket promptly slipped down the side of the seat. After about 10 minutes looking, sliding the seat back and forward, we finally found the ticket sitting on the seat mechanism so we were able to get out of the car park. Getting on the M11, it was slow going due to the fog – then we had a diversion – the M11 was closed and we had to go some way along narrow roads…in the fog. The day FINALLY ended for me at about 3am – I was so glad to fall into bed.

    Didn’t get into work until just after 9am yesterday (sleep deprivation) and felt so tired all day.

    Was nice to see Harriett last night – she did tell me that I should have turned up at hers anyway, regardless of the time.

    Sigh…at least the weekend is now under 4 hours away…:)

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